Featured Products
A Village Lost And Found

A Village Lost And Found£35.00

The OWL Stereoscopic Viewer

The OWL Stereoscopic Viewer£15.00

The OWL Virtual Reality Kit

The OWL Virtual Reality Kit£25.00

Queen Stereo Cards - Set 3

Queen Stereo Cards - Set 3£20.00

Discount available for multiples

The Lite OWL

The Lite OWL£4.50

Queen In 3-D

Queen In 3-D£50.00

Diableries - Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell

Diableries - Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell£40.00  -  £200.00

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This is the official shop for The London Stereoscopic Company Ltd. We sell a range of products from 3-D cards to books and the famous OWL stereoscope, which was designed by Brian May.

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