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Diableries - Halloween Special

Diableries - Halloween Special
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To celebrate Halloween 2021 our book promotion of the month is the London Stereoscopic Company classic “Diableries” - the first ever complete collection of the wild and mysterious ‘Devilments’ stereo cards first produced in the 1860s in France.  In full colour glorious 3-D just as they thrilled 19th century audiences - and uniquely researched in depth by Denis Pellerin, Paula Fleming and Brian May.

This limited offer includes:
Diableries book + signed bookplate by all three authors

£18 of the price will go to the Save-Me Trust

"The monster hardback tome collects together a series of diableries (‘devilments’) – photographs of ghoulish ‘stereo’ cards featuring devils, skeletons and satyrs, originally printed in France in the 1860s. These stereo cards are best viewed in 3D. As a consequence, Brian May, who has held a lifelong passion for stereoscopic imagery, has set about designing his own 3D viewer – a pair of plastic spectacles known as the OWL – a pair are given away with the book" – Esquire 

"Colourful and infernally detailed three-dimensional images that provide fascinating insight into the imagination of the past...The black-clad volume is alive with tableaux that range from the grotesque to the ghoulish, from the cruelly satirical to the plainly insane. Every picture tells several stories."– Daily Telegraph

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