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On Wednesday 10th November, from 19:30 ​- 20:45, Brian May and Denis Pellerin invite you to the live virtual launch of a very  special publication - STEREOSCOPY: THE DAWN OF 3-D - one that Brian refers to as “the most important book we have ever produced.”

The London Stereoscopic Company has teamed up with @britishlibrary and King’s College to broadcast the event direct to your homes which can be enjoyed in fantastic 3-D if you have one of Brian’s Owl stereoscopic viewers. And if you don’t, then you can either order the new book hot off the press  (which comes with one) to accompany your ticket to the live show, or get yourself a Lite Owl using a special discount code [provided by the British Library].

Hit the link below to book your tickets and for more detail on the captivating journey through the history of stereoscopy that the duo will take you on  -  READ MORE

Look forward to seeing you there, wherever you may be in the world! 

Stereoscopy: The Dawn of 3-D


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Brian May has launched a Queen in 3-D competition that he'd like you to enter

See The Details

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It’s one that will present you with an almighty challenge this weekend - to venture back in time to the era of the Victorians!

The prize includes:

  • A copy of the lavish The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery
  • A bookplate with Brian May and Denis Pellerin’s signature
  • A pack of stereoscopic cards 
  • AND six very special digital images of Brian re-enacting the tragic fate of Chatterton

View the treasure of a prize here

To take part:
See instructions on the visual. 

And if you don't already have one, you will need to download a free stereoscopic camera app, such as 3D Photo for iPhone or 3DSteroid for Android.... then get snapping!

SHARE the mission  #keepcreative

Good luck!

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Brian May's The London Stereoscopic Company invites the world to a FREE 3D online talk;


with author Denis Pellerin 

Wednesday 26th May at 7pm BST

To celebrate the LSC's  “Book of the month” promotion, photo historian Denis Pellerin, from the Brian May Archive of Stereoscopy, will take you on a stereoscopic journey back to the Victorian era to explore critically acclaimed book, “The Poor Man’s Picture."

If you don't already have a copy of the book, check out the special bundles at the LSC store which include Brian May's signature along with Denis'. The book also comes with an Owl stereoscopic viewer that will enable you to experience the ​talk in the magic of 3-D 

In his presentation, Denis will examine the reasons that prompted the publication of the book in the first place and how all the original connections that are made in it between high art, popular art and stereoscopic photography, make it a unique volume that goes far beyond a simple survey of some of the best-selling Victorian stereo cards. 

Although the book was released some years ago, the search for more connections still goes on and the speaker will disclose some of the latest avenues he has explored and the numerous new links between paintings and stereoviews he has discovered, and written about, since.

The images will be displayed side-by-side for parallel viewing. You can watch the whole presentation in 2D but if you want the 3D experience you will need a viewer and the LSC are running a special offer of 50% off the Owl VR kit

 The talk is free but booking through Eventbrite is mandatory. 

Please Book Here



The Zoom link will be sent to all the booked participants on Tuesday May 25that 1.00 pm. 

If you haven’t received it by the evening of the 25th, please contact Denis Pellerin at, BEFORE the talk starts.


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Making sense of the new cutting edge technology that will turn your host 3-D for his AstroFest talk tonight!

This is a first ever!

“I’m very happy to say that this time at Astrofest we are attempting to transmit my WHOLE talk in 3-D. That means, as well as all the stereoscopic astro photos I’ll be showing, we’ll be beaming ME out in 3-D as well !! I’m hoping that won’t be too painful !! See you there, in depth !!"


It's a virtual affair so you may join wherever you are in the world - just pick up a ticket from

The London Stereoscopic Company has teamed up with Astrofest to present the world’s first Stereoscopic 3-D virtual talk where even the host, Brian May, will be transformed into the magic of 3-D.

A 3-D Brian will explain how stereo imaging brings a new dimension to our exploration of the Universe and shall reveal some previously unseen solar system stereo images from his work with current NASA missions, including the Perseverance Mars rover.

He will also explore his latest astro-stereoscopic books - Mission Moon 3-D and Cosmic Clouds 3-D - transporting viewers on a fascinating voyage to the night sky.

“Brian May has rocked audiences for years but those attending our virtual AstroFest event will see him in a new dimension. For the first time, he will be beamed into their homes live in 3-D to explain how stereo imaging is changing our understanding of the Universe." Steve Young, Astrofest Organiser

To view the talk in 3-D:
The London Stereoscopic Company are running a 50% off offer on the OWL VR Kit designed by Brian May - at checkout enter code

OR you can make your own!

OR free view!

(The talk can still be appreciated in 2-D, if you don't have time to get a viewer!)


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NEWSFLASH: On 22 April at 7.30pm Brian shall be presenting at the world's leading astronomy festival -  AstroFest - and this year sees the festival go virtual for the first time.

You're invited to explore the Universe in a thrilling new dimension as Brian shares how 3-D imagery is expanding our understanding of the cosmos.  He will discuss his latest astro-stereoscopic books and reveal new stereos from his work with current NASA missions, including the Perseverance Mars rover.

Hit the link to get your tickets now and find a special offer code to get equipped with an OWL VR Kit that will transform the talk into captivating 3-D!




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Saturday's DAILY MAIL featured captivating images from Brian’s Queen in 3-D collection....

And if you don’t already have a copy of the book that captures the 50 year legacy of the band through Brian’s camera lenses and narrative - MAIL are running a SPECIAL OFFER to snap it up for £20 from the LSC store

Just check article for the reader offer code

"Each picture unlocks a story, often in a long-forgotten situation that the 3-D pictures brought so vividly to life when re-presented to my eyes. I’ve always felt that 3-D pictures were a thousand times more powerful than flat snaps, but some of these 3-D moments are so extraordinarily evocative that I was actually shocked in myself what recollections they brought out of my head. So in Queen’s 50th anniversary year, this collection presents a kind of multidimensional potted history of the band, seen from my intimate point of view."


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As part of our lockdown stereoscopic 3-D photography mission, we've joined forces with Black+White Photography magazine (B+W) to invite you to capture, in 3-D (black and white), something that lifts your spirits during this uncertain time on Earth.

AND a selection of images will be chosen to feature on Black+White Photography magazine’s website on Tuesday 16th February.

How To take part:

If you don't already have one, you will need to download a stereoscopic camera app, such as i3DSteroid for iPhone or 3DSteroid Pro for Android, then get snapping!

You may also want an OWL Stereoscopic Viewer designed by Brian May to check out your images in 3-D (unless you're able to free view)

Please email your stereoscopic 3-D black and white images to by 12pm on Friday 12th February, together with your name, location and a brief sentence on why your photo brings you joy.


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Brian's London Stereoscopic Company (LSC) kicks off the new year inviting you to capture images of hope and joy in 3-D, from wherever you are in the world during this challenging time we all find ourselves in.

AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER reports and share some highlights that illustrate the power of nature....including a beautiful sunset captured by Brian the evening before last!

Get involved!

And if you don't already have an Owl Stereoscopic Viewer, designed by Brian, to view the images in 3-D, you can get one from the LSC store 

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