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Queen in 3-D by Brian May

In Sir Brian May’s own words, with over 300 previously unseen 

3-D photographs, this book is a series of glimpses of life with the rock band Queen, seen from the inside for the first time. The pictures and self-penned text tell the story of Brian’s discovery of the world of stereoscopy as a boy, and chronicle Queen from the early 1970s all the way to the present day. 

The images, from Brian’s personal archives, were taken using the various stereo cameras which he carried throughout his life. Viewed in Brian’s patent OWL viewer (included), they leap into stunning three-dimensional realism, giving a uniquely vivid impression of life with Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and Brian himself, alongside the people who helped to shape Queen’s amazing global adventure. 

"There's no ghost writer for this book. It’s just me. And we’ve deliberately kept the text ‘in my voice', rather than translate it into literary prose. In these pages I’m speaking directly to you across time, as I recall those days, and sometimes actually in the words I wrote down at the time; but also through a collection of 3-D images which will take you back there, to see it with your own eyes."

Brian May

The photos taken of Brian signing will accompany the book.




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This auction is being held alongside a Charity ball that we have organised on 25th May and our aim is to raise £25,000 for the hospice. This money will go towards the refurbishment of their family/ carer room which is a central and integral service on the ward. It means families and carers can take some time out whilst visiting the patient. 

Thank you for helping us to reach our goal!


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To bring JOY to JANUARY we are offering a Jubilant 30% discount off all the LSC shop products!

Don’t delay - this wonderful offer will end on 1st February 2024.

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WIN a Mini Cosmic Christmas Bundle, including Mission Moon 3-D and Cosmic Clouds 3-D with BOOKPLATES SIGNED BY BRIAN and other authors, as featured in the video link below.


Go to the competition post on @londonstereo on Facebook or Instagram and follow the instructions of how to seek out the answer with the LSC's Christmas video.

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These stereoscopic images will transport you to the surface of the Red Planet.

Humans have long dreamt of flying to other worlds. Two destinations — the Moon and Mars — have consistently topped the wish list. Although we reached the Moon in the second half of the 20th century, Mars has remained untouched by human boots.

But in the late 20th and early 21st century, NASA rovers and probes have remotely explored the martian soil in our stead. Thanks to Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and Perseverance, which have spent the last 20 years documenting the Red Planet in great detail, we now have quite an intimate picture of Mars.


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 So many wonderful 3-D gifts, created by Brian May including signed titles by the rockstar himself and a 3 for 2 festive offer..... For the nature lover, the Queen fan, the historian, the astronomy buff, the gadgeteer, the fashionista, the photography enthusiast....

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We have launched a range of Christmas Offers - you can view them all here

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If you're lucky enough to be heading to a Queen + Adam Lambert show in North America, make sure you head to the merchandise stand and take away a souvenir:

the latest paperback edition of QUEEN IN 3-D, filled with intimate, candid and iconic photography taken by Brian May himself over the course of 50 plus years, capturing the legacy of the band....Each copy comes with a viewer - designed by Brian - to bring the images to life in brilliant stereoscopic 3-D.



Thu Oct 12 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
Fri Oct 13 – New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
Sun Oct 15 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
Mon Oct 16 – Boston, MA – TD Garden
Wed Oct 18 — Philadelphia, PA – Wells Fargo Center
Sat Oct 21— Austin, TX– Circuit of The Americas
Mon Oct 23 — Atlanta, GA – State Farm Arena
Wed Oct 25 – Nashville, TN – Bridgestone Arena
Fri Oct 27 – St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center
Sat Oct 28 – St. Paul, MN – Xcel Energy Center
Mon Oct 30 — Chicago, IL – United Center
Tue Oct 31 — Chicago, IL – United Center
Thu Nov 02 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
Fri Nov 03 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
Sun Nov 05 — Denver, CO – Ball Arena
Wed Nov 08 – San Francisco, CA – Chase Center
Thu Nov 09 – San Francisco, CA – Chase Center
Sat Nov 11 – Los Angeles, CA – BMO Stadium
Sun Nov 12 – Los Angeles, CA – BMO Stadium

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Brian May says,  

"Today is the day - the long awaited day - when the sample of a piece of material From Bennu - the asteroid most likely to hit the Earth in the future, is recovered to Earth. This box when it is opened of material from the surface of Bennu can tell us untold secret of the origins of the universe, the origins or our planet and the origins of life itself. What an incredibly exciting day. Tune into Nasa TV. Go to the OSIRIS-REx website. Read my new book for the full story  - Bennu 3-D -  written with leader of the mission, Dante Lauretta. And enjoy this wonderful forward step in our knowledge of the universe.” 

What many do not know, is that Brian - along with his colleague, Claudia Manzoni - played a crucial role in the OSIRIS-REx mission, creating stereoscopic images from the O-REx data that enabled leader, Professor Dante Lauretta,  and his team to locate a safe landing site for sample collection. 

To celebrate, Dante and Brian further collaborated to publish  - BENNU 3-D: ANATOMY OF AN ASTEROID, the only book to explore the full story of the asteroid from formation to this current mission and with stereoscopic 3-D imagery that brought the mission to success. The book comes with a 3-D viewer designed by Brian May to bring these images to life.

Available to buy now 

Professor Dante Lauretta, leader of the  OSIRIS-REx mission, and author of Bennu 3-D: Anatomy of an Asteroid says – 

“The delivery of samples from asteroid Bennu by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is the culmination of almost two decades of intense effort. I am thrilled to share this adventure with the world as we enter the final stage of the mission – sample analysis."

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Brian on the 6pm news, channel 4 on 24th September - with his new book - sharing his thoughts on the phenomenal landing of the first ever sample of asteroid BENNU.....and discussing his important role in the OSIRIS-REx mission.  

Click on this link to watch the interview -

Brian and Professor Dante Lauretta's BENNU 3-D: ANATOMY OF AN ASTEROID - the full story behind the mission and the history of the asteroid - is out now!

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The London Stereoscopic Company has teamed up with to offer you the chance to win a copy Brian May's latest publication - Bennu 3-D - accompanied by a special bookplate signed by Brian and co-author / leader of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission, Dante Lauretta. 

Your challenge is to get creative this weekend and photograph objects in the solar system. 

​To take part click on this link

Bennu 3-D is out now and part of the LSC's fascinating collection of astronomy books and products

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