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Just in time for enjoying 3-D ADVENTURES THIS CHRISTMAS  ! 

Brian May, founder of the 21st Century incarnation of the London Stereoscopic Company (LSC), continues to create 3-D wonders from lockdown. 

Today, the LSC adds a Steampunk-inspired new dimension to its line of definitive high-quality modern-day 3-D stereoscopic viewers, delivered in a retro bronze flourish. 

Echoing Victorian and Steampunk styles, for the launch of this new viewing instrument, Brian dons Steampunk attire, in a photo session in which he holds the first Steampunk OWL off the production line.  In the first ‘teased’ picture, released last week, the new OWL is visible, but only just enough to spark an excited discussion on social media.



May has until now kept very quiet about this new viewer, which has been in development for nearly a year.   It was designed to fulfil a perceived need for a quality viewing device for side-by side stereo pictures compact and light enough to be always carried around in a pocket or worn around the neck with a cord.  The existing LITE OWL was designed for viewing stereos in books, and has also been used as a travel stereoscope, but its one-piece construction in Acrylic material made it too brittle to survive in some trouser pockets !  This new device is rugged, moulded in metallic-effect Polypropylene with acrylic lens inserts.   Geometrically it is closer to the classic OWL design, with a slightly longer focal length than the LITE OWL, making 3-D viewing for many people just a little easier.  

Why SteamPunk ?
Brian says “The style of the viewer was inspired by the current Steampunk genre - a fanciful combination of Victorian style and pre-combustion engine technology.  Steampunk has been described as how the World would have looked if the Victorians had managed to get into Space, as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells dreamed.  Stereoscopy – now known as 3-D – was invented in 1832 by Englishman Charles Wheatstone, and this new instrument, firmly based on the genius of his designs, seemed a perfect opportunity to incorporate steampunk motifs into its appearance.  The design also owes a lot to my old friend Chris Dodman at S.B. Westons in Sunbury-upon-Thames, who collaborated on the design of the very first ‘Classic’ folding focussing OWL in 2009.   It’s manufactured by my friends in China, Jade Productions, who have also printed our most recent LSC books.  The first limited edition Steampunk OWLs arrived today - a introductory limited edition in a special themed cardboard packet.  They will be flying out very soon !!!" 

Brian's London Stereoscopic Company currently presents stereoscopic images (as stereo cards and illustrations in books) using the highest resolution printing technology available today, and viewed through this new device, these visuals are guaranteed to spring to life in glorious 3-D, just as in Victorian times. The Steampunk OWL can also be used to view 3-D videos and VR content on any smartphone. 

The LSC's mission is to inspire a new generation to embrace stereoscopy, by sharing the world’s greatest 3-D images – from Victorian times to the present day.  The cutting-edge Steampunk OWL will be a welcome addition to the line.   


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Brian calls out for you all to join him TONIGHT at the launch of "the worlds first book on nebulae illustrated in 3-D" where you will be taken on a fantastic journey,​ spanning the birth, death and recycling of stars.


Hosted by

The Science Museum at 8pm LIVE on YouTube

The book is officially available to buy HERE

@Science Museum



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The world's first ever online global book launch of its kind!

The Bookseller

Have you set your reminder on YouTube to join Brian and his co-creators,  David Eicher and J.P Metsavainio, for a live virtual journey spanning the birth, death and recycling of stars? 

> Youtube Link

See you there, tomorrow (Wed 23rd, 8pm UK time) !

> Bookseller Article

Wherever you are in the world, The London Stereoscopic Company invite you to the virtual launch of COSMIC CLOUDS 3-D, hosted by The Science Museum, starring BRIAN MAY along with co-creators DAVID EICHER and J-P  METSAVAINIO.

When?   23 September 

Where?  Your home (Science Museum's YouTube)

This will be the world’s first ever online global book launch of its kind.

Click Here on the link for full details on how to join what will be a fascinating discussion and mesmerising visual journey spanning the birth, death and recycling of stars, brought to your living room!


Twitter: @sciencemuseum @londonstereo

Facebook: @sciencemuseumlondon   @londonstereo

Instagram: @sciencemuseum @londonstereoscopiccompany @brianmayforreal @eicher.david

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London Stereoscopic Company launch astronomy bundles so you can complete your LSC astro collection.... including the highly anticipated Cosmic Clouds 3-D together with the critically acclaimed Mission Moon 3-D for just £45!



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The highly anticipated, first ever 3-D book on nebulae - Cosmic Clouds - has been postponed until 23rd September 2020. We promise it will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, let's keep on sharing inspiring stereoscopic images from all over the world #londonstereovibes

Keep well wherever you are. 


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This Year’s Mental Health Awareness Week

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is all about kindness in this uncertain time and Brian's London Stereoscopic Company's kind act is to offer you the chance to

WIN two 3-D books of your choice!

Just head to the competition post on the @londonstereo Facebook page and

COMMENT what was it that first sparked Brian May's passion for stereoscopic photography?

And SHARE the kindness

Happy Friday!

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50% discount offer on all LSC books

We still want to bring you our stereoscopic treasures to lose yourselves in during this uncertain time and we are discounting all publications sold directly through the LSC by 50%.

Now is the time to complete your collection! 

We will do our best to deliver titles as fast as possible but please be patient as it may take a little longer than usual to dispatch orders. 

Please Note:
1. The offer applies while stocks last and while our distribution system remains operational. 
2. It is available worldwide but please be aware that overseas deliveries might be severely delayed as we do not have an insight into how deliveries are operating across the world at this time. 

See Books


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As Brian landed in Tokyo for the two Queen + Adam Lambert shows at the Saitama Super Arena, his book, 'Queen in 3-D' shot up Amazon Japan's charts to position No1 in Rock Books!

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To celebrate the LSC’s tenth birthday we are organising a summer competition, open to anyone in the galaxy.

We would like you to re-stage, in side-by-side 3-D, one of the paintings which was turned into a stereo-card in the Victorian era and that you will find in our book: The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery (it has to be one of the paintings from the book).

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